Bury 9068 Bluetooth Handsfree

This Nissan NV200 had a factory fitted Bluetooth system but the customer simply wasn’t happy with the performance of the factory fitted system, many callers simply said they couldn’t hear him or it was very quiet. As such the customer wanted a new / decent handsfree system which also offers music streaming. The customer normally works away and as such with a large collection of music on the smartphone it makes sense to bluetooth stream all the music across wirelessly. The Bury offers a nice LCD touch screen which allows you to make calls directly from your phonebook by simply tapping the contacts icon.

This kit is professionally installed by using a Nissan fitting harness meaning no wiring is cut or changed in the vehicle. This means no warranties are effected ( if new / within warranty ) and the other major advantage is the kit can simply be removed at a later date if you get a new vehicle and you want to move the handsfree system.

The Bury 9068 offers you the ability to plug your phone in via a mini USB lead meaning you can have phone charging without using your vehicles ciggy lighter. The system uses a microphone which is mounted by the rear view mirror for excellent call quality, the customer was very impressed during the simple test call. If you need a professionally installed handsfree Bluetooth system call 07340 341790.