Nissan Navara 2018 with an Adblue issue due to a faulty NOx sensor, our Adblue removal service allows you to drive the vehicle as normal however there is no requirement to ever top up the Adblue again. The vehicle will also not immobilise due to no Adblue being avaliable and the engine will still carry out the DPF regens as normal without the ADblue system installed. Our ECU re-calibration service downgrades the ECU software into a Euro 5 spec and deletes the Adblue fault codes from the ECU.

These Adblue systems cost around £1000-2000 on average to repair and they very often fail again after a short amount of time and the downside is when a component fails the Adblue module has a timer which only allows a certain amount of miles until the vehicle becomes fully immobilised ( simply won’t crank ). With our solution you will never need to worry about the vehicle becoming immobilised due to an Adblue fault.

Adblue removal is a very common service due to the systems going faulty on a regular basis. It can be down to the NOx sensors, injector, pump or even the module itself. We offer a fully mobile service in East Lindsey meaning we come to you at your home or place of work. Simply call 07340 341790 or email