Giving a 100% accurate diagnosis on a Nissan Micra Powered Steering Fault

Sadly as vehicles get older more stuff goes wrong, and as such this vehicle was being serviced at the owners local garage in Louth, and they wanted the garage to investigate the powered steering issue however they was unsure in their diagnosis due to it being electric powered steering, as such they recommend us to give a 100% comfirmed diagnosis. And as such we went out to the vehicle and found the powered steering to be not working at all with a PS light present on the dash.

As such we gained access to the required wiring and done our usual checks to confirm the power, grounds and ignition was present. We then moved onto the Can-Bus communication wires once we put these on the scope, we managed to confirm the waveform from these signals was perfect. Once this was complete we give the owner the bad news of the vehicle needing a new powered steering electric motor.

Due to the cost of a new motor it was the correct thing to do before taking a gamble and just replacing the part hoping it will fix the issue. This vehicle was diagnosed in Louth however we are fully mobile in the local area, call 07340 341790 to get your vehicle diagnosed.