Nissan Juke 2012 with the 1.5 diesel engine had the full works a Stage 1 remap taking the vehicle from 110BHP to 130BHP along with a 45NM torque increase, this vehicle also had the DPF removed due to it being partly blocked already and the EGR blanked. Due to the customer wanting to keep the vehicle he wanted it to be reliable without issues in the future. These engines are not exactly the best in terms of reliabilty and and such this customer wanted to take the currect precations.

A stage 1 tune / remap just makes these vehicles much more responsive throughout the rev range and gives it a new lease of life. With the EGR being blanked it will also keep the engine cleaner and providing the vehicle is driven in the correct mannor it will save fuel. A remap can save you fuel by using the increased torque lower down the rev range so you don’t need to rev the vehicle as hard, this is where the fuel saving comes from.

This remap was carried out via OBD meaning the engines ECU didn’t need to be removed / modified in order to carry out the remap. Almost 90% of our remaps are carried out via OBD giving a quick turn around. If you would like to view the Remap gains avaliable for your vehicle click Remap Lincolnshire