Nissan Juke 1.5 DCI 110BHP this vehicle had a very blocked DPF which was past any form of cleaning and as such we carried out our DPF removal software. This allows the vehicle to be driven as normal without the worry about the DPF blocking or the vehicle trying to carry out regens. Once our software has been installed the DPF / filter needs to be physically removed from the exhuast system.

The EGR valves ( yes it has 2 on this model ) decided to have them both deleted to avoid possible problems in the future, the EGR valves on this model of engine k9k are very common for failing and the labour involved to replace them is very involved as such removing them from the vehicles software is by far the best solution. These valves should be blanked by a garage just incase one is slightly stuck open with carbon build up.

Our software solution for this vehicle is uploaded within 2 hours and after its applied you have no more worries about clogged DPF filters and no fear of a carbon filled engine. We are fully mobile in East Lindsey meaning we come to you on a mobile basis. Call 07340 341790 to find out what solutions we can offer for your vehicle.