Neat Cobra Parking Sensor ECU Wiring

On this Ford vehicle we have taken a picture of our workmanship. This is the Cobra / Vodafone Automotive parking sensor ECU, this is normally hidden behind a panel within the boot area. however some engineers think they can simply stick the unit down and leave a mess of cable behind the panel. DB Vehicle Electrics always mounts the control unit using original fixings within the vehicle.

On this Ford we used an original body threaded stud and mounted the Cobra / Vodafone Automotive ECU directly onto it. This means the ECU is fixed in position and it won’t rattle or move and gives you the best / most reliable installation. All looms are finished in the matching tape for your vehicle meaning it can be insulation or cloth tape to give an original appearance.

You might ask why are we more expensive than other parking sensor installers in Lincolnshire, the answer is quality! Many engineers rush installations and don’t connect wires in correctly or simply throw the parking sensor ECU behind a panel and hope for the best. We take a completely different approach by soldering all cable into the original wiring harness, securing the control unit in a factory mannor. And finishing all looms to perfection. The concept of parking sensor installations is easy however the quality / neat part is what most engineers have issues with.

If your also looking for the best quality Parking Sensor product I would highly recommend Cobra / Vodafone Automotive or Meta Systems products. Both of these are made in Italy and offer original factory performance. Why not call us on 07340 341790.