Motorhome Gas Dectection Sensor

If your traveling outside the UK in your motorhome, it has been known thieves use a method known as ”gasing” this is normally done at night when your sleeping in your motorhome, and they will insert a pipe into one of the vents under your floor in your motorhome. They will then use gas to fill the motorhome and it will knock you out for hours. In the morning when you wake up. You will find your money, phones, credit cards will have all been stolen.

We use a very advanced sensor which is mounted around 30 cm’s from your floor just above your bed. This sensor is very sensitive and will trigger your motorhome alarm system if any gases are detected while the alarm is armed. This system can only be added to an aftermarket alarm system such as a Laserline, Cobra or Autowatch.

The cables are all run inside the vehicle meaning they can’t be cut or tampered with from under the motorhome. This is a common problem with alarm engineer’s when they decide to run contact wiring under the vehicle. We always run all cable covertly inside your living area.