Mitsubshi Outlander Cobra Rear Sensors Fitted Sandilands

A set of Cobra / Vodafone automotive sensors were fitted to this brand new Mitsubshi Outlander, and the customer was very impressed with the finish and said the sensors look better than the factory option which can be fitted when the vehicle is being made! The sensors were neatly positioned along the top of the bumper to give a factory appearance. These sensors become active when the reverse gear is selected meaning there is no input required from the driver, simply select reverse and park with complete ease.

The Cobra sensors are made and designed in Italy giving an excellent service life and the best reliability possible. All 4 rear sensors start detecting objects from 1.5 meters away giving you more than enough warning of anything which might be within your reversing path. All our sensors come with a 3 year warranty for complete piece of mind.

We are fully mobile in the local Lincolnshire area fitting high quality parking sensors. If you would like Parking Sensors fitted call us on 07340 341790 to get yourself booked in.