Once again another poor repair carried out by an unknown auto electrician. On this vehicle it failed MOT due to no fog light. We looked under the vehicle and straight away found the poor repair made by scotch locks ( Blue wire clamps ). The issue with these connectors is they are designed for the interior and they are only to be used as a DIY item. These do NOT make a professional repair ever.

We stripped the wiring down and found all the wire got damaged where these scotch locks were installed. We cut these out and we carried out a professional repair by soldering the loom back to factory spec and reloomed the harness correctly so this won’t happen again.

We also repaired a damaged earth wire going to the towbar wiring plug. This had also rusted through meaning it was making no connection. When carrying out wiring work it’s always done correctly and to a high standard when using DB Vehicle Electrics. Call 07340 341790 to book your vehicle in!