Micro Jump Starters Do They Work

A jump starter is a must have winter item to have within your vehicle. Most car batteries fail once the cold weather hits and you can be driving along fine and when you next go to start your engine it can be completely flat. Calling out an auto electrician or vehicle recovery service in order to get you mobile again can cost a fortune in some cases. A small micro jump pack that can be stored in your vehicles boot or glove box is very handy in the event of a flat battery.

These micro jump packs can start up to 20 vehicles on one full charge and that’s outstanding due to the device size. You might be asking at this point how does this ultra small device deliver enough power to start a vehicle. It uses the latest technology batteries called Li – Ion these offer an extreme burst of power when you need it most and these small jump packs will quickly start a 3000cc engine in the matter of seconds.

The jump pack can be charged at home using a wall charger or a in car adapter allowing you to charge the device while on the move. These packs can’t be used for more than 10 seconds at a time and they need time to rest in order to crank the vehicle over again. between 10 – 15 seconds between cranking is advised.