Metatrak car tracker

Largest car tracking provider in the world META, have released a Thatcham Approved cat 6 and Thatcham cat 5 product. This means they have a unit for any requirement, for example if you have a BMW X5 you would install a regular Thatcham Cat 6 ( Vehicles up to the value of £90.000 ) or if you own a Mclaren you would need to have a Thatcham Cat 5 installed ( Vehicles over the value of £90.000). The good part about the Meta trak system is the subscription cost for the first year is included with the installation, this is fantastic because you the customer won’t need to worry about phoning and paying the subscription and the vehicle will be covered instantly when the system is fitted.

Meta is a very well made product and has been a legendary manufacture making and designing ultra secure and reliable products for over 20 years. This not only gives you piece of mind when having a system installed, but its nice to know you are not buying a cheap product. Meta in Italy supply 1000’s of tracking systems on a daily basis making them the largest in Europe. As with all Thatcham tracking products the unit has a full battery back up battery and tilt and motion sensors. If you have a Thatcham Cat 5 product fitted and the vehicle is started without having ADR cards within the vehicle the call center will alert you of a theft instantly.

With the Subscription cost being the cheapest in the automotive market place this system is a bargain no matter what vehicle you drive. We fit car trackers all over Lincolnshire by our mobile installation service.