The first Thatcham approved S7 battery powered tracker in the UK!

Not everyone needs a car tracker which offers smartphone apps and PC logins. Some customers are just looking to keep their insurance happy or want a tracker thats not wired into the vehicles electrics. The Meta Trak Pulsar is perfect for this purpose, the device has it’s own onboard battery which is designed to last 3 years this means once the included 3 year subscription has ended you simply remove the device or buy another due to it being more cost effective.

This device offers full stolen vehicle recovery meaning it the event of a theft it is activated in a way it offers updates and detailed tracking reports with the Meta stolen vehicle tracking head office. In it’s normal mode it just sends a health report when needed to make sure the tracker is working.

The great part about this device is it can be fitted to ANY vehicle even classics with positve earth due to the system having it’s own power supply and no connection to the vehicle is required. This system comes with 3 years subscription included meaning you will never have to worry about subscription costs until the unit has expired after 3 years. Wish to find out more? speak to the largest Meta dealer in Lincolnshire on 07340 341790.