OE quality and approved rear parking sensors made by Meta

Meta have always been known for providing excellent quality products. Once again the same applies to there entry level Easy Park sensors, they are only 20.5mm in size and offer a very sleek appearance once installed they can also be fully painted to match the vehicles exterior paint colour. They come with OE style connectors making sure the installation is reliable for many years to come and offers excellent performance throughout vehicle ownership. Also backed by Meta Systems 3 year warranty, being made, designed & manufatured in Italy you can rest assured of the best quality over any other brand.

Meta parking sensors start detection objects up to 1.6 meters away. The great feature with these systems is the ability to adjust the sensativity on the system without the need for a laptop. This means if the car or van is very low to the ground the sensor ultrasonic wave can be reduced to reduce the chances of a false alarm when reversing.

The Meta easypark systems also come with a very nice sounding buzzer, which sounds like a factory fitted system this is the difference between a slightly more expensive parking sensor kit and the more cheaper budget sets coming with a harsh sounding buzzer. We are the largest Meta systems dealer in the local Lincolnshire area, if you want a set of Meta parking sensors installed call us on 07340 341790.