Meta systems released the Meta M43J immobiliser around 2 years ago and it has proven to be one of the most reliable immobilisers on the market. The M43J allows you to simply walk up to your vehicle and have the immobiliser disarmed before starting the vehicle. The ADR tags use a regular CR2032 battery these last for many months. The most reassuring thing about the Meta ADR immobiliser is the fact it has been tested by Thatcham using the key scanning / cloning attack method and it failed. This means having this type of immobiliser fitted on your car is ultra secure, the wiring is all black meaning it is very hard for anyone to trace wiring back.

The Meta M43J is also the best made immobiliser in the world due to it being made by Italy. This unit is also fully waterproof designed to be mounted in the car interior or exterior. Working on the 315Mhz wavelength you can be assured you are protected unlike some other immobiliser products that work on the 433 Mhz ( which can be cloned ) wavelength.

Meta systems offer a 3 year warranty for complete piece of mind meaning you don’t have to worry throughout your ownership of the Meta ADR immobiliser. We fit the Meta M43J ADR immobiliser in the local Lincolnshire area. Key cloning and scan scanning is becoming more popular in the Lincoln area, why not protect yourself today with a simple investment. Call us today on 07340341790.