Mercedes Vito 2018 with Adblue issues, an Adblue fault on these vehicles can be a major issue due to it immobilising the vehicle if the issue isn’t sorted, these Mercedes vans have an Adblue counter which will stop the vehicle from starting once it reaches zero. The software calibration we carry out means we remove the Adblue part from the vehicles ECU, as such you wouldn’t even know the system was fitted to the vehicle in the first place, and most importantly it removes the Adblue counter which would normal immobilise the vehicle.

Mercedes and many other brands are experiencing issues with Adblue systems and a main problem many customers are facing is the manufactures not being able to get the parts to repair. As such this leaves the customer in a bad position meaning they either take the vehicle off the road until the parts come back into stock and spend a small fortune getting the parts replaced and the system resynced. Or they can opt to have us carry out a professional ECU calibration which means you will never have issues with the Adblue system ever again.

At present there is no way for an MOT tester to tell if the Adblue system has been deleted and this means they won’t be able to fail a vehicle for a non working Adblue system, all Adblue warnings are also removed with our calibration of the ECU.

If you require an Adblue Delete / Adblue Removal you can contact us on 07340 341790 or email