Mercedes Remote Start Lincolnshire

If you own a Mercedes its possible to add remote start which activates from your original Mercedes remote control. This means on them cold winter mornings you can simply press the lock button 3 times and it will activate remote engine start. Not only will this get your engine warm for the drive ahead but you can adjust the heaters so it warms up your interior in the winter. The great part I like about this product is the original security alarm and immobiliser remain unaffected and the doors remain locked during the remote start engine run period.

You simply walk up to your vehicle press unlock and put the key into the ignition and drive away as normal. There are certain security features in place so a thief can’t simply drive away in your Mercedes. If you really want to push your remote starter to the next level you can add the Clifford and Viper add on module which acts as a tracker and lock and unlock features which can be controlled from your smartphone.

This system is designed to work on the A class, C class and E class vehicles with an ignition barrel ( Not keyless ). We supply and fit the Mercedes Remote Start in Lincolnshire