Packing a punch with a stage 1 tune and Adblue delete

This Mercedes come to us via a garage recommendation, the vehicle had a Adblue fault and Mercedes had quoted over £2000 to repair this fault. As such the customer was looking for alternative routes to repair the vehicle, as such we carried out an Adblue delete and by deleting the Adblue you stop all related problems such as engine lights, adblue warnings and the vehicle not starting due to it sensing no adblue in the tank. Our Adblue delete allows the system to be completly deleted.

We paired this Adblue delete with a stage 1 Avon Tuning remap to enhance the vehicles performance. The owner was very impressed with the all round responsiveness throughout the rev range. This job takes longer than a normal remap due to the additional work required with an adblue delete. Deleting the Adblue means the owner will never have to fill up the adblue again.

Deleting the Adblue has no effect on the vehicles running or performance, adblue is simply used to water down emmisions before they leave the exhaust system. Remember Adblue deletes are designed for off road use only. Call 07340 341790 for professional remapping services in the local east lindsey area.