Mercedes ML with a High Beam lighting fault. The module under the engine bay was giving a NEG output to the high beam relay at all times. The indicator stalk which has the lighting switch in was working fine and as such there was a fault within the Multi Funtion control unit. These can be very expensive on Mercedes vehicles to replace. As such the customer wanted the quickest / best method to get the vehicle through the MOT which was due the next day.

We found the relay which is controled via the Multi Funtion control unit and cut the wire going to the relay. We wired up a dash switch which will only work when the ignition is on meaning you can never drain your battery. This is good enough for the MOT inspection and the high beam warning light still works perfectly within the speedo cluster.

This repair saved the customer a large amount of money and a previous auto electrician went out to this vehicle and couldn’t find the fault / couldn’t fix the issue. Once again we have fixed a car noone in the local area could fix. We are fully mobile and cover all local areas such as Mablethorpe, Louth, North Somercotes, Skegness, Alford. Call 07340341790 to book your vehicle in today.