This Mercedes E Class had our Avon Tuning Stage 1 remap this gives an additional 20BHP and 60NM of torque the engine in this model is already highly speced and as such you don’t get a massive BHP gain. However the responsiveness throughout the rev range is improved where it needs to be meaning less turbo lag and the vehicle being much smoother. Providing the vehicle is driven in a smooth mannor you can expect to see a 1-3 MPG Increase.

To carry out this remap only the OBD port needs to be used, due to our advanced tooling the ECU doesn’t need to be opened in order to remap this vehicles ECU. We are able to remap / transform your vehicle within 60-90 mins. Having a remap just makes your vehicle much more enjoyable to drive and many of our customers say they wish they done it sooner. Providing your engine & Gearbox is in good health there are no risks to remapping your vehicle.

We are fully mobile covering the East Lindsey area offering Remapping at your home or work place. All we require is a 240v power socket to power our battery support unit ( this keeps a constant battery voltage during the remap ). Call 07340 341790 or email