Mercedes are one of the most common vehicles we apply our Adblue solution to, this is due to the constant Adblue issues owners experience. and due to each repair being between £1200-£2200 many owners opt for our Adblue solution this means the system is completely disabled. This means the customer will never have to worry about the vehicle becoming immobilised. This vehicle had an Adblue tank fault which is one of the most expensive to repair.

Many customers ask straight away if the vehicle will pass an MOT with our solution, and the answer is YES! at present there are no tests within the MOT which states any part of the Adblue system needs to be checked. The vehicle will still carry out DPF regens as normal ( Adblue is NOT required for DPF regens ). The only reason Adblue is used is to reduce NOx emmisions and it is injected into the exhaust system when the vehicle is being driven under load.

This Mercedes E class can carry on driving without the fear of any Adblue faults moving forward or the worries of the vehicle becoming immobilised while on a journey.

We carry out this solution at your home or workplace in East Lindsey via our fully mobile service, contact us on 07340 341790.