Mercedes C Class fitted with the customers own dashcam which he purchased elsewhere.

This Nextbase camera was professionally installed into a brand new Mercedes C Class. We mounted the dashcam in a way the driver could not see it while driving giving a sleek finish. This was professionally wired in with the correct hardwire harness meaning no cables are visable other than the small amount of wire leaving the dash cam into the vehicles head liner.

The best part about a professional installation is the dashcam will automatically turn on with the vehicles ignition meaning their is no input required from the driver of the vehicle. When turning the ignition off the dashcam will simply shut down meaning you don’t need to worry about battery drain issues. Many owners of higher end vehicles simply don’t wamt a basic installer / fitter working on their vehicle as such the customer done his research in the local area and foumd us to install his dashcam.

The customer was very pleased with the outcome and finish. We use OE mercedes cloth tape on the camera harness during the installation process this insures no rattles arise after install. If you would like a professional installation of a dash cam system why not get in touch on 07340 341790.