LASERLINE - 691T Fitted Lincolnshire

The outstanding Can-Bus alarm system from Laserline vehicle security, which is a full Thatcham Cat 1 once installed. Laserline have been producing high quality car alarms and immobiliser systems in Italy for many years. There research and quality software means there Can Bus alarm system will work perfectly on your vehicle without any issues. Laserline offer a great warranty of 3 years as standard meaning you can be assured you are getting the best quality system fitted in Lincolnshire possible.

The siren is very compact meaning even in the most crowded engine bays it is still possible to mount the siren neatly and effectively. And the great feature with Laserline alarms is the emergency override tags meaning you can turn off the alarm without the original vehicles remote control. These are a small tag that hangs on the vehicles key ring meaning you simply touch the tag on the Laserline LED. The can bus alarm is designed to work from your original vehicles remote control meaning you have a secure alarm installation and it works in a very sleek manor alongside the vehicles original electric components.

The Laserline 691t protects all the zones in the vehicle such as doors, boot, bonnet and the vehicles interior. The siren is a full battery back up and packs a punch with its 2 tone 118db siren which is very loud. We supply and fit the Laserline 691T Can -Bus Thatcham alarm in Lincolnshire via our mobile installation service.