Landrover Defender Alarm Fitted Lincolnshire

Landrover Defenders have always been stolen due to the fact of they are an expensive vehicle and the parts are worth a fortune. All Defenders normally have a horn alarm as standard with a basic immobiliser. The original security is a joke. The system can be de activated from under the vehicle and you can simply rewire the loom under the vehicle to even start it up before jumping in to drive off.

Some customers decide on a tracker which is a very good way of getting your Defender back quickly. And others decide on a good Thatcham approved alarm system which gives total protection with a battery back up siren. This means if any of the power wires are cut from under the Defender the alarm will instantly sound and keep going due to its internal back up battery.

DB Vehicle Electrics can provide Thatcham Car Alarms from Cobra and Clifford for the ultimate vehicle security package. Remember we also provide Tracking devices. Call us today on 07340 341790