Kia Picanto fitted with our Laserline rear parking sensors including professional colour coding, these sensors give the customer total protection while reversing and due the owner having them on her old car she was lost without them on her new Kia Picanto. This allows us to install the perfect aftermarket solution made by Laserline, these sensors offer excellent reliability and will last for years once they have been installed ( backed by our 3 year warranty for complete piece of mind ).

By colour coding the parking sensors to the original paint you are garanteed an excellent finish which many would think the car has left the factory with them installed, no wires are visible after installation the only part you see within the vehicles interior is a buzzer which is mounted to the left side of the rear quarter.

Our sensors offer much better protection over the rest due to them being made in Italy and the sensor quality is very high meaning better detection range and they start detecting objects from 1.5 meters away. Call 07340 341790 or email us at if you would like a quote for your vehicle.