Jeep Airbag Diagnosis In Sutton On Sea

We was called out to this Jeep which had a constant airbag light which would remain on everytime the vehicle was started. Due to how expensive these components are to replace this garage wanted a 100% confirmed answer as to what part was required in order to carry out the repair. We had to gain accesss to the airbag module, connectors and the squib / clockspring in order to correctly test this vehicle.

We even had to double check the resistance on the airbag itself due to it being a dual stage. Once everything was fully tested and the wiring was checked back to the airbag ECU we confirmed the fault was between the squib / clockspring and the airbag itself. Meaning this vehicle needed a new squib / clockspring in order to get this vehicle repaired.

Once replaced the airbag light was sucessfully reset and the customer was back on the road. Due to how expensive these parts are to replace it makes sense to get these vehicles correct diagnosed rather than replacing parts to simply hope and try to fix the problem. If your looking for a correct diagnoses call 07340 341790.