This Jaguar XF 2017 was treated to a Thinkware dash cam. This system offers complete protection while your on the road, by recording in 1080P while the vehicle is in motion. This Thinkware also offers something more than your normal dashcam, known as parking mode this will activate automaticly when the vehicles ignition is turned off. Once parking mode is active the system will record motion and it will also record impact detection, this means if your vehicle is damaged in a car park while your away you will have the footage.

All footage from the dash cam is recorded onto the 16GB sd card which is fully upgradable to 64GB if required. When you have removed the sd card you simply place it into your PC at home and view the footage. The recorded files are in there own locations in folders, such as the driving mode, parking mode and impact detection mode.

This dash cam was professionally installed meaning you see no wires at all. The only visiable wire is the lead exiting the camera to the closest piece of trim, This wire was finished off in Jaguar / Land Rover cloth tape for the best apperance possible. Why not call us on 07340374790 to get a dash cam installed today.