This Jaguar XF 2012 with a brake light and handbrake issue, this vehicle was in pieces before we was asked to get involved. It had hours of labour wasted, second hand modules installed, replacement swtiches, as such after all these parts not one of them fixed the issue. Customers would rather pay for hours of wasted labour than get an answer accurate answer from logical testing. We put the vehicle back to factory standard and found from our testing the vehicle had 1 broken wire.

How much longer would a customer / garage waste replacing parts before calling it a day and ask for help? We don’t go quoting for parts that are not broken, we fully test and give an answer as to why the system is no funtioning in the first place. Once we bypassed the broken wire we carried out a full vehicle scan and the only fault code present was for the A/C system meaning our diagnosis and solution was correct.

To correctly diagnose these vehicles we only use factory drawn wiring diagrams giving us a clear understanding of how these systems work before even taking these jobs on. If your a garage looking for help diagnosing these issues give us a call on 07340 341790. Fully mobile in East Lindsey.