Isuzu Rodeo Air Bag Fault

Isuzu Rodeo with an Airbag light remaining on. This vehicle failed the MOT due to this issue, when we plugged in diagnostics we found the drivers side pre tensioner had very high resistance. This also set a fault code and as such we started investigating the drivers seat wiring, the wiring leaves the seat and the wires run into a yellow plug, when moving the connector you could see the live data changing on the scan tool as such we cut this plug out and soldered the wires directly and the fault code cleared instantly.

These underseat plugs can be a problem on many cars and due to this being a major safety item it needs a lasting repair that will keep the owner on the road. Many garages can’t diagnose Isuzu vehicles due to the limited coverage they have on there scan tools. We offer full diagnostic coverage for Isuzu vehicles from Air bag modules to gearbox modules.

If you need an airbag diagnostic why not contact us to give you the exact reason your airbag system is flagging a fault code. Airbag codes can normally be repaired on site 90% of the time due to it being mostly wiring related. Call us on 07340341790 to book your vehicle in.