Insurance have asked for a Thatcham approved Tracker? But you are unsure what you require to make your insurance company happy…

The first question you need to ask your vehicle insurer..

  • Does your policy require a Thatcham Cat 5 ?
  • Does your policy require a Thatcham Cat 6?

That is the only question you need to ask, we will talk / guide you through the rest. A Thatcham Cat 6 tracker is the most common and this is designed for vehicles up to the value of £90k in value meaning most everyday vehicles such as entry level Range Rovers, X5’s and Q7’s will only require a Thatcham Cat 6.

Thatcham Cat 5 is the highest level of tracking security. This system is normally installed on Range Rover Overfinch vehicles, Mercedes AMG vehicles, and many more top end vehicles. This system features an ADR card which must be carried by the driver in order to disarm the tracker every time you enter the vehicle otherwise an alert will be created.

If you are unsure which Tracker you require contact us.