Hyundai Santa FE Crank, No start…

We was called out to a Hyundai Santa FE which was towed to a garage due to it being a crank, no start. The vehicle was diagnosed by someone else originally with a intermitant fault code stating the Cam Sensor was at fault. The sensor was swapped with a new sensor and the vehicle still wasn’t starting. DB Vehicle Electrics went through the motions on the fault finding process. We found the diagnostic machine stated no cam signal which straight away made us check for injector pulse and there was no electronic pulse at the injectors meaning the engine won’t fire. Sadly it needed a more in depth diagnostic check. We needed to link up the scope to see exactly what the Cam sensor was doing. All the correct voltages and grounds were present so that only leaves the signal going to the vehicles ECU. We found the reading from the sensor to be completely wrong / incorrect. With this reading the vehicle simply won’t know the correct firing order / won’t allow the injectors to fire. This vehicle needs a NEW ( Hall Effect ) Hyundai main dealer cam sensor.

We have the wave form below of the sensor that was installed by someone else / what it was reading on the vehicle.

Below we have the correct wave form / what the signal should look like. ( Ignore the blue wave form this is regarding another sensor )