You may have had your Ford Transit opened up and you can see no visible signs of the vehicle being damaged or opened in any way. Police normally say the remote key fob code has been grabbed, this is not the case these vehicles are entered by a simple pick tool which is slid into the lock casing and the main locking pin is removed. Once the locking pin is released the lock pick is simply coded to your lock once this has been done the door will simply open and if your Transit has the basic horn alarm this will also override that. The thief has two choices take all the tools and equipment in your vehicle or recode a new key into the ECU and steal the van.

You can protect yourself from this form of attack by fitting an approved alarm system which can’t be disarmed by the drivers door lock. The alarm will only be able to be armed and disarmed by the Blue Ford 3 button key remote. This is very secure and Thatcham approved to protect your van.