How do we connect tow bar wiring

DB Vehicle Electrics prides itself on high quality installations and a high level of customer care. We call it ” Customers for life ”, with many tow bar installations we found customers were unhappy or not happy with the quality of installation elsewhere before coming to us for a tow bar installation.

The tow bar itself isn’t normally to difficalt in most cases due to it just being nuts and bolts which most people can do providing it isn’t a very difficalt vehicle. Most customers stuggle when it comes to the wiring due to many vehicles being far to complex for most non auto electricians to understand. In some cases you can cause major damage to your vehicle electrical system.

Another poor component used in tow bar fitting is the connectors which are used to connect the wiring, these are known as ” scotch locks ” these are by far the worst method to connect into your vehicles wiring harness. They simply  don’t many a good connection and over time it will fail. DB Vehicle Electrics solders every wire into your cars wiring harness for a very neat perfect installation. This not only ensures a good connection but it will also last for the life of the vehicles wiring harness. From the picture above you can see a taped up wiring harness that we have connected into. To the normal eye it looks untouched.

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