hornet maxx 1 Fitted Lincolnshire

The Hornet Maxx 1 has hit the market once again. These alarms are perfect for a customer on a budget offering full Thatcham Cat 1 status and alarm and immobiliser features. The siren is nice and loud and it’s exactly the same siren used on the Clifford 650 MK2 alarm so you know it’s built to last. The ultrasonic sensors are a nice sleek black colour and offer a great finish once installed.

The alarm is exactly the same as a Toad AI606. Some people did say it was an exact copy of there product but it does have diffrent remotes, siren and LED meaning it isn’t exactly the same. The alarm ECU is secured in the same way by using anti tamper screws to secure the module down and prevent an attack on the alarm module.

The Hornet Maxx 1 offers protection for your doors, boot, bonnet and vehicles interior. Full battery back up siren in the event of the wiring being cut the siren will keep sounding.

DB Vehicle Electrics is fully mobile and fits the Hornet Maxx 1 in Lincolnshire and all local area’s. Call today to book your vehicle in 07340 341790.