02 sensor short to ground

We visited a Honda CRV which had a repeated issue where a fuses kept blowing for a circuit which a few parts were linked to, the main circuits were the speed sensor, alternator control, O2 sensor. This can be a fault which can waste hours of diagnostic time if the task of finding the fault is not thought about in a logical way. We asked the customer what type of jobs had been carried out during ownership.

The only job which could have been related to this fault was the cat being replaced a few years back. We turned on the vehicles ignition and started moving the vehicles wiring harness around and found the fuse popped when the 02 sensor wire was moved around. We found when the cat had been replaced the wiring plug harness wasn’t relocated correctly. As such this was rubbing on the metal edge under the vehicle, this caused the main 12v power wire touching ground when going over bumps.

Once we correctly located the harness away from the metal bare edge and repaired the wire where it had damaged the fault was completely cured. These faults can take a main dealer hours to diagnose and repair however we had this vehicle diagnosed, repaired and a happy customer within 50 mins. Our fault finding skills are very effective due to our wiring diagrams & our logical thinking towards these faults, if you would like a mobile diagnosis call 07340 341790.