Honda Accord fitted with 21mm Cobra Front Parking Sensors

The Honda Accord normally has rear sensors fitted as standard however the front of the car is normally left without. As such this customer decided to go for the Cobra front mounted parking sensors. This kit offers excellent protection while parking. The kit will wake up for 45 seconds when the P switch on the vehicles dash is pushed for 1 second. If the sensors detect any objects within this time they will remain on. The sensors automatically turn on when the vehicles ignition is turned on meaning you are protected / alerted straight away when starting the vehicle.

Cobra sensors are made in Italy and they offer reliability and performance like no other parking sensor manufature in the world. Cobra are original fit items for the VAG group meaning if a large German car manufature approves them they must be good. In all the years we have fitted Cobra we have never had to replace a faulty sensor, they really are the leader in aftermarket quality electronics.

Cobra sensors start detecting objects up to 1.5 meters away at the rear of the vehicle and 1.2 meters away for the front. Inside the vehicles interior there is a small buzzer which bleeps faster and faster the closer you get towards an object. We are fully mobile Parking sensor installers in the local Lincolnshire area. Call us on 07340 341790 to get your vehicle fitted with professional parking sensors.