Good Camera Installation

There are many engineers offering ”expert” accident camera installation. But many may question what makes a accident camera hardwire installation safe, neat and reliable? Well I can say there are many ways a system can be installed some simply work but don’t look neat and they are not fused correctly. Every camera hardwire we carry out ourselves is ultra tidy and no wires will be seen. As you can see from the picture above DB Vehicle Electrics fitted this camera to the rear of the tailgate and we fitted it in such a way you couldn’t even see any cable exiting the camera.

All the wiring is run with the existing wiring looms in the vehicle meaning the wiring is routed through wiring grommets and hidden behind all the vehicles trims. We make sure as a company everything is done to an extreamly neat standard and you simply won’t find a hardwiring service elsewhere that does such a sleek job.

We fuse all power connections correctly and these are linked into the vehicles fuse box meaning the accident camera wakes up and shuts down correctly with the vehicles ignition system. We can also offer devices which have parking mode meaning if your movement is detected around your vehicle the cameras can record this footage. We supply and fit a full range of accident cameras in Lincolnshire, please feel free to give us a call on 07340 341790.