Ford Transit MK7 No Start Diagnostics Mablethorpe

We visited a Ford Transit MK7 which wasn’t starting and just the ignition was turning on with a blank cluster. However all the funtions were present and working such as the wipers and electric windows when the ignition was on ( 2nd stage ). We followed the wiring diagram for this vehicle and found 1 of the live wires which goes to the cluster was broken and as such wouldn’t wake the cluster up. The original immobiliser on this vehicle inbuilt within the vehicles ECU talks to the cluster and requires the clocks to be awake when the ignition is turned on.

Without the clocks being awake the vehicle simply wouldn’t crank or start. We simply run a fused 12v wire to the cluster and the vehicle started as per normal. And as such we run a new wire from the vehicles interior BCM / Fuse box and run the new wire in cloth tape over to the cluster. Once complete and soldered in both ends the vehicle was starting and running as normal. We also reset the customers service light due to that being present on the dash and the customer doing his own service work.

Without a good solid wiring diagram this fix wouldn’t have been possible in the short period it had taken to fix this vehicle. We offer fully mobile diagnostic work in the local area and you can call us on 07340 341790.