Slightly unusal problem on this one! Ford Transit luton removals van with a Euro 5 Transit custom BCM. All lighting such as side lights and indicators are controlled via the BCM ( Electronic ECU ). If the BCM detects any shorts or paths to ground on the main lighting wires it will shut the lighting down. The only way to get the lighting working / back online is the repair the lighting fault and reset all the fault codes via diagnostic machine. The lighting was also back feeding causing the brake lights to light up the front side lights. We found the fault to be the rear left hand lighting wiring harness which is added into the loom to allow the luton lighting conversion to be put in place. Sadly these connectors are not water tight and allowed the pins to rust / short out within the plug.

We decided the best route would be to cut out the 2 wiring harness plugs and solder directly into the harness. This will be a reliable repair and out last any possible plug repair. Sadly the copper within each wire suffered water ingress so there was a lot of prep work before the soldering could start. Once complete the loom was looking 10 times better and best of all the vehicles lighting is now working 100%. Complete repair in the right picture, we fully loomed up the whole area after this picture was taken.

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