Ford Transit Avon Tuning Eco Remap.

This Ford Transit MK7 mini bus / Taxi is now running a custom Avon Tuning Eco remap. This tune will change the fuel trims and slightly enhance the performance / torque to give you a better drive. This form of tuning doesn’t put increased loud on the components due to it being designed with eco driving in mind. These maps / tunes can give you a good fuel saving over time.

Some customers will also take advantage of a EGR delete at the same time due to the EGR being a common part on the MK7’s that fail, as such doing an EGR delete will offer better reliability for your vehicle in the future. a sticking EGR valve can cause lumpy running, cutting out or worst cause engine damage.

Many owners say they like the enhanced performance lower down the rev range with an eco remap giving a much better feel / drive you simply can’t beat Avon Tuning in terms of software quality and performance. We are fully mobile in the local Lincolnshire area offering a large selection of performance choices such as Eco remaps & stage 1, 2 or 3 you can call us on 07340 341790.