Ford Custom Remapped with an additional 80BHP.

With the large amount of vans on the road the Ford Transit Custom is by far the most common. This Ford Transit Custom has the 2.2 TDCI engine which can come tuned in 2 ways from Fords when the vehicle is new, they offer the van as 100BHP or 150BHP as standard on the same engine. We can bring this basic 100BHP tune up to 180BHP using the dyno tested & approved remap. This simple stage 1 tune will transform your vehicle with a new lease of life.

Most common complaints for these vehicles is the turbo lag and the problems pulling away when the vehicle is carrying a load, as such this causes excessive fuel use and you need to labour the engine much more in order to gain speed. The remap will massively reduce the lag and increase the pulling away power. Another thing many owners notice is the improved mid range torque in 3rd gear which really gets the van moving. We offer a free health check with all our remaps meaning we will scan the vehicle before and after the map along with a customer test drive.

This allows you to test the vehicle and make sure your happy with the improvements we have made to the vehicles tune. Us being an authorised Avon Tuning agent means you get the assurance of a safe and reliable map for your engine which won’t cause any issues in the future. If you would like a remap why not take a look at our Car Remap page or call us for a quote on 07340 341790.