The high end Meta security system which is perfect for vans. The Meta Super alarm is the connected 24/7 alarm system which means if the alarm triggers it will send a text message and push notification to your smartphone. This system also offers onboard GPS tracking meaning you can view the location of the vehicle at any time and also view previous routes the vehicle has taken.

The Meta Super alarm comes with the first 12 months subscription free of charge then after the first year has ended it only costs 65 pound to renew. Which gives you complete piece of mind at a very affordable price unlike other systems on the market. The Meta alarm system protects your usual doors front, side, rear and the vehicles interior. The software is also perfect for this vehicle meaning the alarm can’t be disarmed via the drivers door lock ( most common entry point for theives ) unlike other systems the Meta remains armed.

The customer of this Ford Custom van also wanted the load area protected, we protected this area with a microwave sensor which will detect any movement in the rear of the vehicle such as peeling a door back to reach into the load area for example. Once any movement is detected the alarm will instantly trigger and the customer will get a text message alerting them the alarm has started sounding. The siren is very loud @ 120db when sounding, alerting anyone near by.

We are fully mobile Meta alarm installers in Lincolnshire, all security systems installed by us also feature a 3 year warranty for piece of mind. Call us on 07340 341790.