Ford Custom van fitted with the Thatcham approved high spec deadlocks

Owning a Ford Transit Custom without any form of extra security such as deadlocks is very risky in this day and age. Van theft is at an all time high because the police simply can’t catch the thieves. As such owners need to take action by securing their vehicle. This owner decided on the deadlocks to protect the load area meaning if the vehicles drivers door barrel was attacked to unlock / gain entry into the load area they simply won’t be able to open the rear of the vehicle / load area where your tools are located.

Thatcham deadlocks feature the insurance approved and tested cylinder. What does this mean? The cylinder has been tested against attack such as drilling, hammering and other forms of force to try and bypass the lock. This is something that many cheap deadlock fitters don’t care about and will fit a poor quality product which won’t stand up to an attack. Thatcham has been known for years in the UK and it is a name you trust in the aftermarket.

These locks are mounted high due to the most common wave of door bending / peeling attacks carried out on Ford Custom vans. as such when they are mounted high it reinforces the higher part of the door giving the best resistance against peeling / bending. If you want deadlocks installed or your looking for professional van security advise give us a call on 07340 341790 to discuss your Ford Customs security.