Ford Transit Custom Camper needed some protection and this customer didn’t want any fobs or touch key immobilisers and as such we recommended the Autowatch Ghost immobiliser. The Autowatch Ghost uses the original buttons inside the vehicle in order to disarm the immobliser when entering the vehicle. The Transit Custom simply won’t start unless a secure pin sequence is entered.

The Ghost is perfect if your worried about key theft, this means even if you have the original vehicle key the vehicle still won’t start unless you know the pin sequence. without this your vehicle is not going anywhere. The Ghost is a completely hidden device meaning you wouldn’t even know your vehicle has been pulled apart and the best bit is the Ghost doesn’t use any form of LED’s or buzzers meaning a thief wouldn’t even know whats been fitted / done.

The Ghost has been around since 2016 and has proven itself as being one of the most effective immobilisers on the market. If your looking for a tracker and immobiliser system we have the most effective systems on the market such as the Metatrak Deadlock S5 offering a full GPS tracker and immobilisation.

If your looking for an Autowatch Ghost to be installed in East Lindsey why not give us a call on 07340 341790 or drop us an email