Ford Transit Custom Alarm Upgrade Lincolnshire

The Ford Transit Custom alarm upgrades are a must have on this vehicle. The average lock picking time is around 15-20 seconds on this vehicle. and the more worrying part is even the factory models with an alarm can be bypassed in seconds. This vehicle is a major target due to the OBD port and the ability to quickly code in a new key and drive the vehicle away.

We offer a custom alarm package which secures the Ford Transit Custom to the extreames. It protects the doors all round the vehicle and the bonnet alongwith the interior. This is linked to a battery back up 118DB Thatcham approved siren which will sound in the event of a full alarm. The alarm is designed to work off the original remote control meaning you lock and unlock the vehicle as normal and the alarm works alongside this.

The alarm is made by Cobra, with Cobra being a well known brand you can rest assured you are having a high quality Italy made and engineered product fitted to your vehicle. We install the Ford Transit Custom Alarm Upgrade in all local Lincolnshire areas.

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