Ford Ranger now packing a punch with our Stage 1 remap and Adblue removal. This vehicle was previously tuned and the customer wasn’t impressed. We managed to get a complete read of the ECU and the previous remapping company missed some major sectors within the ECU maps. As such the customer was impressed with our Stage 1 tune once the ECU was correctly calibrated. The Ford Rangers have non stop issues with there NOx sensors and as such an adblue solution was a must for the customer.

Once we apply our Adblue solution the customer will never need to add Adblue to the vehicle again or worry about No Start conditions due to the Adblue system. It is very cost effective due to saving a fortune on Adblue fluid which has recently increased in cost.

Our services were carried out on this vehicle within 1 hour meaning very little down time on your work vehicle and most importantly you can feel the difference of this tune once applied to your vehicle. We are fully mobile in the local East Lindsey area and this job was carried out in Alford, Lincolnshire. Call us on 07340 341790 to get booked in.