This Ford Mondeo is now protected by the Thinkware front facing dash cam. This dashcam gives 1080p recording while the vehicle is in motion and it also records when the vehicle is parked, this is called parking mode this records any movement near your vehicle such as someone damaging your car or van while its parked. The camera also records impact detection in parking mode meaning if someone reverses into your car in a car park the camera will record it.

All this footage is saved to an SD card meaning you can remove the card and insert it into your computer or press the Wifi button and pair up your smartphone such as an Apple or Android and download the footage directly. Adding a dash cam is the best way to protect yourself on the roads today with crash for cash scams becoming more and more popular it is wise to protect yourself before it’s to late.

Having a dash cam fitted can also help you protect your no claims bonus, meaning if you have an accident that wasn’t your fault and the other party involved states they are not in the wrong you could end up with a claim against you. Having a dash cam is solid evidence that you were NOT in the wrong and helps you protect yourself if the worst was to happen.

DB Vehicle Electrics install a wide range of dash cams to give you the features you need / required. Why not call us on 07340341790 to find out on how we can protect your vehicle.