Correctly diagnosing a DPF fault on a Ford Kuga

A local garage had us in to confirm a DPF fault on a Ford Kuga, as you are more than likely aware DPF faults can become very expensive, very quickly if not diagnosed correctly. Due to the DPF pressures being unusally high they wanted us to check the sensor and wiring going to the ECU. We checked live data on the scan tool and used a special tool which creates a chosen refrence voltage. This refrence voltage is then confirmed on the scan tool live data to confirm its correct. Once the powers and grounds are double checked at the sensor we can 100% confirm the DPF pressure sensor is at fault.

Giving this 100% diagnosis we can save the customer and garage mega money rather than a shot in the dark hoping the replacement part will fix the issue. We serve local garages in the local area giving a local service to check, test and diagnose your automotive problems correctly everytime. If you would like a professional diagnostic and component test why not call us on 07340 341790.