LCD display completely blank within the speedo. no coms from ABS or Engine ECU on Can-Bus Low wire.

We diagnosed a Ford Fusion 2008 which was previously diagnosed by a Ford main dealer and the customer wanted a specialist to give there view on this vehicle. The Fusion was in excellent condition for the year, but the LCD display within the speedo was completely blank. This didn’t effect the running or driving of the vehicle but no milage or fuel consumption is displayed.

We checked the usual power and grounds then the Can-Bus line. On this vehicle the Can-Bus network talks to the Speedo, ABS module and Engine ECU. We checked the Can-Bus High and this was perfect / as it should be. However the Can-Bus Low which should be around 2.5 volts was completely dead. This means there is a broken wire within the engines or interior wiring harness.

Due to the year of the vehicle and the vehicle not needing the display working for MOT. The customer decided not to spend any more labour time on this vehicle and as such the issue remains. This is a perfect example of why you need an automotive scope to carry out car electric testing and give a correct diagnostic. a Ford main dealer wanted to charge the customer £600 to replace the speedo cluster and this wouldn’t have fixed the fault. So it’s very lucky he didn’t go ahead with the Ford recommended repair.

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