If you own an RS Focus you will more than likely know they are going missing due to high end thieves targetting these vehicles. Due to the very short run Ford have done and it can take months to get your hands on one customers are protecting there vehicles before it’s to late.

On this Focus RS the customer wasn’t taking any chances and wanted the Viper 2 way system with additional dual zone proximity to warn people away if they get to close to your vehicle. We also fitted our ultra secure OBD port immobiliser meaning when the alarm is active the vehicles computer socket known as OBD can’t be accessed. When the alarm is turned off the OBD port can still be used for diagnostics and remapping.

This system works completely sepreate from your original Ford remote control meaning it is ultra secure and can only be armed and disarmed via the Viper 2 way remote control. This system protects all doors, bonnet and boot and features a full on board shock sensor.

If you would like a Viper Alarm installed on your RS or ST give us a call today on 07340 341790.