The Ford Focus RS is a massive hit in the UK market, and sadly if these vehicles are not protected they won’t be around long. The Autowatch Ghost offers excellent protection against someone simply coding a key and driving away. The Ghost is disarmed via a series of button presses within the vehicles interior. This means even if you original Ford remote key is cloned a thief won’t be able to start your vehicle.

The Ghost software works perfectly with the start / stop software on the vehicle meaning the only time the vehicle will immobilise is when the ignition button is pressed and the vehicle has been off for more than 3 seconds. If you wish to restart you simply turn the ignition on without pressing the clutch and enter your code. Once complete you simply push the clutch pedal and start the vehicle.

The Ghost is very effective at stopping your Ford Focus RS being stolen once installed. To find out more you can call us on 07940 341790.